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About Grand Prince Jorge

His Royal and Imperial Highness The Grand Prince and Grand Duke Jorge I is an investor, partner, or advisor to over 2 multi-million dollar businesses. In fact, The Grand Prince Jorge, is an International Business Consultant, specialized on one hand, in International Relations with Governments, and by the other hand, highly skilled in IT, Marketing, Online Marketing, Branding, SEO and Social Media Marketing, with around half a million of real followers combined on Instagram, fans on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Son and descendant of Great Princes, is one of the direct descendants of Grand Prince Rurik. Related to the Capetian dynasty by Anne of Kiev, Grand Princess who married Henry I, King of France.

The communication skills of The Grand Prince Jorge copes to speak and write fluently in perfect English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, among being intermediate in other foreign languages.



Monarch of his time, responsible, diplomatic and traditional. Aware of its responsibility in the continuity of the dynastic traditions, has the titles of: Head of Name and Arms, Ruler of the Majorats and Manors of The Princes of Russia - XXVIII Great Prince and Grand Duke of Moscow, LXXXI - Great Prince and Grand Duke of Kiev, LXXXIII - Grand Prince of Novgorod, LXXX - Grand Prince of Smolensk, -Great XXIII Prince of Vladimir, Kazan and Astrakhan, XXXII- Great Prince and Duke of Tver, XVI - Prince of Zvenigorod, XXXVI - Prince of Gallich -Volhynian, XXIII - Grand Duke of Uglich, LXX - Grand Prince Duke of Pereyaslavl, LXXVI - Great Prince and Duke of Rostov, LXXV - Prince of Murom, LXXV - Lord Duke of Pskov, LXXVIII - Duke of Polotsk, XXIX - Gran Duque Yaroslavl, XLIII - Lord Grand Duke of Ryazan, XIX - Prince Byzantine, LXX - Prince Kubara (Kubarev), XXII - Grand Duke of Lithuania, XXIX - Prince of The House of Glinski; *By hereditary law: - Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Royal Prince of France and Royal Prince of Denmark, descendant of the Royal House of Sweden, Prince of Gotland, Duke of the Royal House of Romania, Herzog von Murau, Earl, Viscount Lord of Cabrera and other territories by descent in Spain.


The Grand Prince Jorge is laureated in Cum Laude by The Society of International Studies of The Interior Ministery of Spain under The Patronage of The King Don Juan Carlos I of Spain. Master Studies and the chosen Final Thesis: HUMANITARIAN AID: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DIPLOMACY IN WAR ZONES.


The Grand Prince Jorge also holds the rank of The President of The Foundation of The Royal and Imperial House, with the goals of:

  1. Development and spread of the Russian culture, cultural heritage, traditions, history, cuisine, music, literature and language.
  1. Sustainability of Humanitarian and Diplomatic commitments related to The Royal and Imperial House.
  1. Reward work, effort and professionalism of companies and selected personalities.



The Grand Prince Jorge has a long and outstanding experience in International Business and International Relations in the sector. Our company has extensive experience and confidence with the main industries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa with over 10 years of excellent relations and ongoing cooperation with them.



We Develop, Manage and Customize International Business of your products and services, giving a totally professional service and integrated with international marketing channels, especially in emerging countries such as Russia, China, Japan, India, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuatorial Guinea, etc.



Commitment, tradition and passion for what we do are our core values, from the outset, we include a firm commitment to our customers to be quality in all our services.

Grand Prince Jorge's Team Ready 2 Help

We are never alone. We are eternally connected with everyone. The destiny of mankind is to unite, not to divide, because where there is unity, there is always victory.
Consistency is power, what makes the world ours. 

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