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  • The corporate volunteering is a very useful and effective tool in the hands of companies sensitive to a mode of sustainable and responsible development.

    In Fact, Volunteers are a fundamental part of The Grand Prince Jorge Foundation. We currently have over 1000 dedicated volunteers supporting our work around the world, helping us to achieve our vision.

    Corporate Volunteering is the result of a collaborative project between the company and non-profit organization where, from the sharing of a mission is organized, supported and encouraged the active and effective participation of the staff in support of the cause, while ' working hours.


    They are really many and impacting the benefits derived from it , both for the image that The Grand Prince Jorge’s Foundation announces whether inside or outside, because of the direct impact on the climate and the internal culture, by strengthening the links between collaborators, increasing participation, sense of belonging, motivation and acquisition of new relational and transversal skills for all participants.


    What makes a good volunteer?

    We believe pretty much everyone has the potential to be a great volunteer and we understand that volunteers come to us for all sorts of reasons, so we will always be as flexible as we can in helping you to get involved. We recruit volunteers from all walks of life and particularly look for the following in our volunteers:

    • Reliability and a positive attitude
    • Respectful of others and able to get on with people
    • Aged at least 18

    REMEMBER: Joining us you can both gain experience and help others.

    If you are interested in developing corporate volunteering projects, you can fill in our volunteer form or Contact the assistant of H.E. Countess Regina Celi Mazepa, Director of Humanitarian Projects atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  com for more information on becoming a National Volunteer.

  • Recently, Segovia had the visit of a nobleman, The Grand Prince Jorge , whovisited the most symbolic monuments and enjoyed a good suckling pig at the famous Restaurant Candido.


    The Grand Prince Jorge I is a descendant of the Czars , although there is no ruling Monarchy in Russia but there is still nobility and titles of Princes and Noble descendants are kept as a tradition from Rurik, Rurikovich.

    In fact, Segovia is a city that nobody wants to miss in a visit to Spain and it is increasingly fashionable, featuring many tourist attraction from all around the world. Yesterday Segovia hosted for a few hours to the Russian Imperial Royal Family .


    The Prince George, after strolling through the main areas of Segovia , they went to a different restaurant in the area, The Hindu at The Jewish quarters, to test the craft beers that  they have. From there they went straight to the famous Candido Restaurant where they were received by the sons of the late Candido.
    It was an opportunity that nobody wanted to miss and Candido made him sign at the exclusive book of celebrities.


    All were in good taste and Jorge Rurikovich said he would come back with more time so as to enjoy every corner of the city.